Wyoming + Kanye’s (Wild) West

    June 4, 2018

    Over the last few days, Wyoming has been trending in a major way. To which we offer a tip of our (now spray-painted with Wyoming across the front) cowboy hats and say, “Thanks Kanye.”

    Regardless of your level of affection for Kanye West, we’re currently in the camp of “Thanks for helping people discover Wyoming and how beautiful it is, Kanye West.” While we were not invited (dang it) and did not attend (dang it) the listening party for his latest album Ye, we are innately familiar with Jackson, Wyoming and the beautiful backdrop for the party provided by the Teton Mountains. And as you can imagine, we have been fielding questions that include musings about why in the world Kanye would record his album in Wyoming, smack a photo of the Tetons across the cover and have his listening party in a field in Wyoming…?

    To answer those burning questions, we’ve come up with 8 reasons (we think) Kanye West chose Wyoming to create, record and launch his latest album.

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